The Association’s Strategy

Providing partial scholarships for needy students.

Our organization supports more than 150 students in public and government-subsidized private schools.

CASS covers the full tuition for its beneficiaries in public schools.

As for government-subsidized private schools, the total tuition to be paid is $300 per school year. CASS covers one-third of the tuition and makes arrangements for the school to deduct one-third, leaving one-third to be provided by the parents.

There are no government-subsidized private schools for the middle-school level. For those students, CASS usually pays less than 20% of the total tuition of $600 per school year.

CASS had been following its receipients and supporting them through their higher education

CASS currently does not provide any support for secondary school students, but continues to support its receipients through secondary levels.

CASS spends approximately $15,000 on scholarships annually.

Organizing and providing educational programs for students with learning difficulties.

CASS provides after school classes free of charge for more than 60 students annually.

These classes are two hours long and are conducted daily. They cover basic school subjects such as English, science, and mathematics.

These classes are taught by around 12 teachers who provide this service free of charge. Most of these teachers are from low income families, so that covering their own transportation expenses is a hardship for them.

For 2005-2006, CASS seeks to secure a monthly allowance of $100 per teacher to cover the expenses required by these teachers to continue conducting these classes.

These classes last for 4 months a year. Around $5,000 is required per school year for teachers’ allowances.

Encouraging children to take part in volunteer activities in various sectors, to promote development.

The CASS youth group, al-Fursan, participates in at least two projects each year for Global Youth Service Days. Each project costs $200–$500.

The projects are selected by the youth. They plan and implement the selected projects under the supervision of two board members.

During 2005 the group chose one project to help those with special needs in Hasbaya, and a second to clean up the town entrance. YSA (Youth Service America) provided a $500 grant to encourage the group to extend the project for those with special needs. The project was extended from July 20 till the end of August, and was a huge success.

Organizing workshops for children to introduce them to their basic human rights and to encourage them to express themselves.

Al-Fursan members are required to participate in several workshops that cover the following: children’s rights, conflict resolution, non- violence, fighting poverty, and several others.
CASS also encourages non-member students to participate in these workshops in order to promote awareness of their rights and responsibilities and to encourage them to explore and target social problems through planning and implementing development projects.
The organization’s expense for these workshops is approximately $600 (4 workshops annually).

Motivating and encouraging students to think critically and develop their scientific curiosity.

CASS encourages students to develop their critical thinking skills by organizing annual competitions within the schools.

CASS offers scholarships to encourage high achievers.

The expense of this program is approximately $600 annually.