Who are we?

The Community Association for Student Support was founded in the Lebanese Republic on September 29, 2001. It received its license on August 10, 2002, according to Decree No.104/AD. CASS is a non-political, non-sectarian and non-profit organization. CASS is comprised of an adult board and a youth group called al-Fursan, (about 50 youth ranging in age from 9-19).

The Association’s Vision

CASS is concerned with children’s basic right to education since it considers education to be one of the most important components of development. It seeks to push the wheels of progress towards a brighter future. It envisions and strives for a future where education is accessible to all children.

The Association’s Mission

Our mission is to provide children with mechanisms that will enable them to pursue their education through:

  1. Providing financial support for needy students in the Elementary and Intermediate cycles.
  2. Providing academic support for students facing scholastic difficulties.
  3. Raising awareness (by means of lectures, conferences, workshops) about children’s educational rights.
  4. Encouraging children to participate in decision making.
  5. Increasing their confidence in their abilities through taking part in volunteer activities that benefit their society.

The Association’s Objectives

  1. Elevating students to a higher educational, cultural, and social level.
  2. Providing avenues for children to participate in the achievement of educational, cultural, and social progress.
  3. Contributing to the alleviation of the burden of poverty on children.
  4. Raising awareness about and promoting the value of volunteerism in the local environment.

Who does CASS target?

  1. Children between 3-19 years: 586 students in 4 government-subsidized private schools and 2828 students in 19 public schools(according to the Ministry of Education Statistics for the year 2002-2003).
  2. Youth volunteers from the region who benefit from its workshops
  3. Families of the youth who participate in some of the organization’s activities.

Sources of Income

  1. Affiliation fees from 80 members
  2. Grants and government funds
  3. Revenues from fundraising events